IT Staffing

People – not just technology – create true competitive advantage. Finding and keeping productive, dedicated talent who understand how to leverage process and technology are critical to an organization’s success. BTech Group understands the significance of finding consultants who have both the necessary technical skills as well as the essential soft skills of communication, persistence, and creativity.

Our dedicated team of recruiters works to understand your requirements, presents your team with qualified candidates, and ensures your on-going needs are met. We understand and extend your organization’s staffing capabilities, allowing you to focus your time and energy on functions that add more value to your business.

Web Development

We deliver innovative, affordable web solutions that satisfy and delight our end users. BTech Group employs the Agile software methodology to quickly deliver the front, middle, and back-end technology necessary to give our clients a quick, distinct online advantage over the competition.

From web strategy to logo design, requirements gathering to page layout, back-end data integration to mobile app development, let the experts at BTech Group bring their extensive web development knowledge to your next project.

Application Development

From white label apps used across the financial industry to branded apps customized exclusively for your firm, BTech Group brings years of expertise and innovation in mobile app development and delivery. In each of our lives – from shopping to social networking – we see the trend of going mobile. Mobile apps build new, meaningful, interesting experiences with users in ways traditional websites cannot.

We partner with you to challenge expectations and consider new opportunity areas for finding and interacting with your users. Next, we quickly bring your concept to life in the form of a working prototype. Through user feedback sessions and ongoing mobile analytics, BTech Group partners with you to continue delivering meaningful mobile experiences that solidify your mind-share and market-share in the eyes of your customer.

QA Consultancy

Our QA professionals provide thought leadership by designing and implementing proactive, transparent quality measures into every process. An early understanding and adoption of “the quality mindset” by all team members maximizes customer satisfaction, fosters collaboration, builds trust, and lowers long-term costs to the organization.

Our testers do much more than measure conformance to requirements at the end of the development cycle – we are integral team members who think and act on our customer’s behalf throughout the life-cycle of a project.