QA consultancy services


QA consulting servicesBTech Group offers comprehensive QA consulting services, including standard and customized offerings for your project or company. We provide QA consultant professionals who design and deliver quality at each stage of a project. From reviewing requirements to writing test cases to testing software, our QA professionals proactively ask questions and take actions on our customer’s behalf. Our deep pool of manual and automated testers can supplement your existing team, or replace the QA function in your department. BTech Group offers flexible onshore and offshore options to meet our clients’ needs. BTech Group also offers on and off-site training in a variety of areas, including Selenium automation, structured query language (SQL), and transitioning to Agile. For clients looking to establish a QA practice within their organization, BTech Group will evaluate your needs and provide guidance and assistance in implementing the process, tools, deliverables, and metrics necessary to establish a successful QA practice.

BTech Group gives immense priority to its Quality Assurance services as it plays a critical role in the success of any project. BTech Group brings for you a team of highly skilled and trained professionals to provide their invaluable consultancy services in the domain of quality assurance. Our consulting services meticulously aim to enhance the quality of the project in all its phases of development. Our professionals are forthcoming who believe in working in synchronization with the clients to deliver the best possible results that are in line with their demands. The quality assurance implementation plan devised by our dynamic professionals is structured in a way that ensures quality of the software in both the development and testing phase. Moreover, our services also include assistance in implanting the process through the use of appropriate tools and mechanisms.