IT Staffing


IT-staffingBTech Group clients are presented with qualified, best-fit candidates who meet both our internal soft and hard skill competency requirements, as well as any additional requirements set by our clients. Our focused team of technical IT Staffing  bring years of real-world development, testing, and strategy experience to the candidate identification and screening process. As a result, we present our clients with qualified candidates who hit the ground running once their engagement begins. Via our unique 7-stage process, we identify, interview, and present to our client the top candidates with the right skill set who we believe will fit in well with your team and company culture.

Step 1: Build a Talent Pool

We proactively identify and connect with candidates who are not currently looking for work. As a result, our IT Staffing recruiters build relationships with a pool of talented professionals who are qualified for and interested in future opportunities.

Step 2: Source Talent via Traditional and Non-Traditional Methods

In addition to traditional staffing methods, BTech Group partners with training organizations and educational institutions to proactively identify talented, motivated candidates who are looking to change careers and better their lives. We test candidates against a series of technical competencies, and track those results in our database of pre-qualified candidates

Step 3: Screening

BTech Group recruitment specialists conduct phone interviews with all probable candidates to analyze their presentation and communication skills, overall level of confidence, market and industry knowledge, as well as personal and professional goals.

Step 4: In-person Interview

With our client’s specific needs in mind, our experienced IT Staffing recruiters hold in-person interviews to assess a candidate’s professional experience, depth of functional and technical knowledge, career aspirations, and overall in-person presentation skills. Our goal is to ensure candidates presented to you are a best-fit for your company and culture.

Step 5: Checking References

To corroborate a candidate’s job history and work habits, we request and follow-up with two references for each candidate. References include former managers and team members.

Step 6: Submit to Client

After a rigorous process through which BTech Group determines that the candidate meets the job description and is a good fit for the client’s team, we present the candidate to the client. We highlight additional, summary attributes and work experience discovered during the candidate selection process which we believe make this candidate uniquely qualified to succeed in this position

Step 7: Background Check and Final Screening

Once the candidate has been offered a position, BTech Group runs a comprehensive background check, as well as any additional screening procedures, as required by our client.